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summer life

Our summer’s been hot so at least we have palm trees. Skinny, sad, thirsty palm trees but palm trees nevertheless.

In the mornings round here Evey and I are still very slow to get up. We stay in bed to cuddle and nurse. Honestly, little is done beyond nursing and taking care of Evey. It seems each time I’m on the verge of doing something productive she needs me. Hence, I justify our half-packed apartment (we move in three days) and the half-dozen half-written blog posts (ones beyond just fluff) lingering on my desktop.

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I truly didn’t realize how much work one little girl would be! (Not that I’m discontent or unhappy, I just didn’t realize it.)  I was very naive thinking it’d even be easy. Come on! My mom brought home a baby ten times. She never seemed overwhelmed. So, just one baby, I thought, “What will I do with all my free time?!” Now I wish I could go back to be a 1000x more helpful each time my mom brought a sibling home. (Brava, mama! Brava!)

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Weather was bearable the past few days. While I still count on one hand the hours I’ve spent outside the past seven weeks, two of those hours were this weekend. So, big things! Our cousins visited Phoenix for a baseball tournament. We had fun watching, golfing, swimming and dining to a cool 95-105 degrees. Not joking: this is “cool” for us. Sickening, eh?

Some of these photos are from our sushi date Thursday. It was our third dinner date with Evelyn and nothing like the first date we went on when (almost) everything that could go wrong did. I left the restaurant covered in baby vomit and poo, Evelyn left a little uncomfortable but peaceful as ever, and dad just left with a full tummy. Oh, what a night.

We’ve been such lucky first time parents. I struggle to answer when people ask, “is she a good baby?” I think they mean, “does she cry a lot?” But really, how can a baby be good or bad? We do have such a peaceful little girl though. The Lord knows I still have a lot of patience to build up and couldn’t handle anything else. We don’t know how much longer we have of this perfectly patient, content, sweet temperament, baby girl. So we are just thankful.

We move this week! I’m excited as we say goodbye to our one-bedroom and hello to a two br two bath. We look forward to walking without tripping over the greedy amount of baby gear we’ve got and moving Eve’s dresser out of the living room. Ha! Still, I’ll miss vacuuming the entire apartment with one plug. It’s nice to not feel that tug, have to unplug, and replug. (Totally kills my vacuum vibes.) Small spaces have their perks.

Luckily, this new place is still small with just one extra bedroom and bathroom. Jusssst right for our little family for at least a couple more years. I love small spaces. It means less junk to justify, having family closer together (a plus in my opinion), and having less to clean (lazy housewife be me).
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Evelyn’s newest things are: tracking us as we walk around (she won’t let us out of sight) and adding new little sounds. So cute! One of my favorite things is when she’ll suddenly recognize her dad’s voice. She’ll freeze up once she finds him and just stare, stare, stare. She loves listening to his voice and smiling up at him.

It’s sweet to be a parent. It still amazes to me that the Lord trusts us with little Eve’s soul. :)

a little of lately in photos

We love her coos, her squeaks, and her sweet little whimpers she makes as she dreams.

At 12AM she stirs. Then again at 1:30, 2, and 4. Even in my sleep I sense her, as if I’m hyper in tune with her movements and needs. Mama knows.

We are in and out of nursing, napping and cuddling all day and night. I shower and clean, secondary things, when I can. She sleeps on my chest- tummy to tummy, skin to skin. We love these days with our sweetest and littlest new love.

This is our life lately.

Here are a few moments of it captured in photos… which essentially are a bunch of photos of people holding our baby… plus a donut. ;)

[Aunt Kaitlin and cousin Conor. Conor will have his own little baby brother or sister in two months time.]

[Cousins. Two bumps and a baby. They are going to have fun growing up together.] 

[Sleeping through the fun stuff, aka that one time we went out in Phoenix.]

[A photo that isn’t of a baby. And you know your donut at the super hipster donut shoppe is super tastey when your husband remarks, “wow! you’re not going to take a photo” as you scarf it down. Thanks for the reminder! Donut captured.]

[You’ve captivated our hearts Evelyn Michelle.]

I only had to stop seven times when writing this post. And now, Evelyn calls. Happy day, guys :)

First days with Evey

Brad and I agree- our first days with Evey are the best days of our life.

Labor, let’s not talk about that for now. The birth story will come soon! But I will just say- I had no idea it would be so intense and at the same time I’d do it again and again for this sweet moment…

Ok, so! Our first days with our Evelyn Michelle.

We are in awe of our little girl. Before meeting her for the first time we had no idea it was possible to love so much and so completely so quickly. Don’t get me wrong, we already loved her, before we knew her. This though, this is different. It amazes us.

Days are spent cuddling, nursing, napping and waiting for those moments when she opens her eyes so wide or makes a new, adorable face or sound. Every small thing she does is, for us, the greatest, biggest thing. (Goodness, I’m such a mom!)

Oh, bonding! I didn’t anticipate loving it this much but I’m crazzzy for skin-to-skin time. At night we bed-share. Scandal! I didn’t plan on it but placing this sweet, perfect girl in that bedside bassinet is the most impossible thing. We follow the safe rules the hospital gave us. I can’t get enough.

Six day young Evey has no routine yet. Monday night she was wide-eyed up ALLLL night with me nursing and cuddling. (She maybe slept 45-minutes.) Then last night I had to actually wake sweet girl up to nurse because she only woke up on her own once!

My mom, Nonna we call her, is here this week. Having Nonna is wonderful for several reasons. One, this is special time with my mom that, even if it’s just sitting on the couch chatting, I cherish. Two, Nonna is having time with her first grandchild! Three, I haven’t lifted a finger in the kitchen. Four, I haven’t cleaned a thing. She’s taking care of business while I recover and take care of Evelyn.

Nothing anyone could’ve said would’ve prepared us for this overwhelming love and joy Brad and I’ve experienced these first days. We are so thankful for all the prayers and well wishes. Thank you, guys! I’ll be back soon but until then these precious moments are recorded in my journal because I don’t want to forget.