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write this down

It seems like everywhere we go people stop to stare (and sometimes touch- EKK! CRINGE!!) and ask us about Evelyn. You can see in their eyes they’re remembering. They’ll tell us they remember bits and pieces of their own children, now grown, as babies this small and they usual leave a piece of advice. It’s not advice on breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding or where to buy the chicest baby clothes. It’s always about remembering.

I’ve lost count of the times I’m told, “you won’t believe how fast time flies by,” “it feels slow in the moments and days, but the years fly by,” or “you think you’ll remember but you look back and it’s a blur. Write everything down.” …by complete strangers!

Here’s what I’m “writing down” as Evey is 9 weeks + 1 day young.

… how, when dad and I hold you, you spread those sweet, chunky arms out as wide as they can go and then let them hang limp. You fall asleep in this weirdly adorable position

… how you love to relax your neck so far back, as if to give those little neck rolls air. You stay like this, staring at the world (almost) upside down and this funny position calms you. (Dad says people probably think I don’t know how to hold a baby.)

… when you fall asleep making cute little whimpers, smiles, laughs, coos, and taking long blinks.

… how much baby wearing soothes you. You always fall right to sleep. When I try to maneuver you out 8 times out of 10 you wake up immediately.

… when you wake in the morning (almost) always so happy and you give me the biggest smiles and coos.

… how we coo and smile back and forth at each other, and sometimes I even get a little laugh.

… how you sleep with your legs and feet curled beneath you and arms spread wide on me. We cuddle through your naps and at night.

… how you wake up suddenly but once you see me or dad there beside you then your at peace and drift back to sleep.

… what a peaceful baby you are. Everywhere we go, people comment on what a “good baby” you are. You really do have such a sweet, forgiving temperament. Even after you throw up (which breaks my heart, from over eating… I think) you don’t cry. You just look to your dad and me for comfort. Once we hold you close you’re soothed and we go fill the bath.

… how you’ve started putting your hands in your mouth to suck. You haven’t figured out sucking your thumb yet though.

… how it feels to watch you and your dad together. I always tear up. The way you look up at him, smiling so big when you see him, pulls mama’s heart strings.

Writing this down to remember because *blink* you’re nine weeks old.

The baby-baby photos are from when Evey was six days old. We won a giveaway on Facebook from the kind Natalie. Her and her sweet little baby bump we’re bopping all around our tiny apartment taking these shots. Thanks Natalie! :)

First days with Evey

Brad and I agree- our first days with Evey are the best days of our life.

Labor, let’s not talk about that for now. The birth story will come soon! But I will just say- I had no idea it would be so intense and at the same time I’d do it again and again for this sweet moment…

Ok, so! Our first days with our Evelyn Michelle.

We are in awe of our little girl. Before meeting her for the first time we had no idea it was possible to love so much and so completely so quickly. Don’t get me wrong, we already loved her, before we knew her. This though, this is different. It amazes us.

Days are spent cuddling, nursing, napping and waiting for those moments when she opens her eyes so wide or makes a new, adorable face or sound. Every small thing she does is, for us, the greatest, biggest thing. (Goodness, I’m such a mom!)

Oh, bonding! I didn’t anticipate loving it this much but I’m crazzzy for skin-to-skin time. At night we bed-share. Scandal! I didn’t plan on it but placing this sweet, perfect girl in that bedside bassinet is the most impossible thing. We follow the safe rules the hospital gave us. I can’t get enough.

Six day young Evey has no routine yet. Monday night she was wide-eyed up ALLLL night with me nursing and cuddling. (She maybe slept 45-minutes.) Then last night I had to actually wake sweet girl up to nurse because she only woke up on her own once!

My mom, Nonna we call her, is here this week. Having Nonna is wonderful for several reasons. One, this is special time with my mom that, even if it’s just sitting on the couch chatting, I cherish. Two, Nonna is having time with her first grandchild! Three, I haven’t lifted a finger in the kitchen. Four, I haven’t cleaned a thing. She’s taking care of business while I recover and take care of Evelyn.

Nothing anyone could’ve said would’ve prepared us for this overwhelming love and joy Brad and I’ve experienced these first days. We are so thankful for all the prayers and well wishes. Thank you, guys! I’ll be back soon but until then these precious moments are recorded in my journal because I don’t want to forget.