getting crafty for Lent

“Lent summons us, and enables us, to come back to the Lord wholeheartedly and in every aspect of our life.”

from Pope Francis’s message on Lent

One of my resolutions for these forty days is to craft with my kids. (Ronan too!) In a way, it’s part of my prayer and almsgiving.

This creative time makes me a more present and loving mother. (My IG fast will help with being more present too!) Even if all we make is a popsicle-stick house with globs of hot glue on all sides, the energy engaged in a shared activity is what I’m going for.

(We will even do some Lent specific crafts, like these!)

This quote by St. Teresa of Avila resonates with me, “God walks among the pots and pans.” My sister-in-law introduced me to it with her print (which hangs next to my sink).

It reminds me that each plate I wash, each toy I pick up, diaper I change, and TP-roll tower we build is an opportunity to experience his presence in prayer.

Praying for YOU this Lenten season. <3



I’ve always been stubborn. It started when I was just a little girl.

One of my earliest memories is when the photo above was taken. I was in pre-school at our local Christian church. When it was my turn I remember walking with the teacher’s aide to the photographer. She reallyyy wanted me to smile. (I can’t remember why I was grumpy. Maybe it was those stupid pearls.) They were being really funny… and silly! As they messed around, I could feel the corners of my lips curling up – the smile! Of course, I couldn’t give in. So, what did I do? I bit the insides of cheek and tried my earnest to give ’em the face you see here.

I won.

This video is from yesterday. I was trying to get Eve to smile when I had a total flashback and grabbed the camera. What do you think? Like mother like daughter?

Looking back, I think I’m justified in my stubborness. Why go back on something when you know you’re right? ;) Joking!!!!

I will brush my teeth.

Hey Girl.

We have the coolest kids, or kids are just the coolest. It’s the latter, but every old crow thinks hers is the blackest. And I’m no exception.

Some nights I lament to Bradley how unqualified I feel. And anyways, is it even possible to have a balanced life of prayer + exercise, clean house, dressed + (well) fed children, be actually clean + dressed yourself, and actually be HAPPY?

No! Right? I’d like to know Aquinas’s truth on this.

If there is a secret way, please share.


Mom who hasn’t brushed her teeth yet, who needs to go address the five loads of clean but unfolded laundry blocking the hallway (DON’T tell me about the 1x day thing, I’ve tried), who needs to figure a way to get food for dinner, who wants to go microwave her coffee, who is ignoring the crusted dishes in the sink and eggs smooshed into the carpet (whhhhhhyyyyyyy do people put carpet in the dining room?), but who will probably just go snuggle up her toddler. Bye.