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Anything Can Happen

Ellie Goulding and I ran together once.

^^^^#1: Before my first half! I drove alone 2+ hours to MD’s Eastern Shore and ran solo. #2: Dorky selfie pre-second half! Running with a group of girlfriends close to home in DC.

I don’t know what I was thinking. I hadn’t properly trained.

When I signed up for the Nike’s Women Half Marathon my goal was to run 7:30 miles. (Ha. Ha. Ha. Wut?) Even though I’d run my previous half at 9:00 miles, I somehow thought I could shave off a casual 1:30. (Uh. You dumb-dumb.)

Race day came, and of course I wasn’t prepared. The silver lining of a registered 7:30 pace in a race of 15,000 thousand women was I started in a top coral. I was in the front with all the serious runners (the ones in underwear looking shorts and racing bras – don’t want clothes to add on any extra time y’all). I was also next to (literally 2 feet away from!) Ellie Goulding.

Come race day I was in no shape prepared to sustain 7:30s for 13.1 miles but that gun went off and the energy was electric. I ran a cool 3.5 miles keeping up with my girl Ellie.

This isn’t only cool because she’s a super talented, famous artist. It gets EXTRA COOL POINTS because her songs powered my initial love for running.

Lights was the soundtrack to my blooming passion for hitting the pavement (a year before this race took place). Even six years later, I still today feel the total exertion of my College Park Wednesday 6-milers. I trained through 2012’s icy Winter and Spring. When I think back I feel that cold chill in the back of my throat as I inhale and I hear, “I see that lights that…” as I wind through the forest paths.

^^^My supportive big sis found my name on the wall of runners the day before the race and sent me this photo.

So, 3.5 miles in it hit me. For the next 9.6 miles I moved slower and slooower. People passed me the entire race. I even had to stop for good ole portapot.

I did NOT PR that day, and it kinda sucked. I also didn’t walk, and I got to run with Ellie Goulding, which is one cool memory.

This is the part where I tell you something super exciting and the reason why this story is actually relevant….. I’m running my first marathon! It’s week four of training. Our long run this past weekend was 10 miles. It felt incredible to log some in the double digits again because I haven’t since that ^ day!

(The title might be a bit of a stretch. Yea?)


I’ve always been stubborn. It started when I was just a little girl.

One of my earliest memories is when the photo above was taken. I was in pre-school at our local Christian church. When it was my turn I remember walking with the teacher’s aide to the photographer. She reallyyy wanted me to smile. (I can’t remember why I was grumpy. Maybe it was those stupid pearls.) They were being really funny… and silly! As they messed around, I could feel the corners of my lips curling up – the smile! Of course, I couldn’t give in. So, what did I do? I bit the insides of cheek and tried my earnest to give ’em the face you see here.

I won.

This video is from yesterday. I was trying to get Eve to smile when I had a total flashback and grabbed the camera. What do you think? Like mother like daughter?

Looking back, I think I’m justified in my stubborness. Why go back on something when you know you’re right? ;) Joking!!!!