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Nonna + Poppop’s

Heeeeey from MD.

The other night I went to “yogalaties” with Alex. When we got home Poppop was dancing Ronan to sleep to the flow of reggae. He said it was the only way he could get me to sleep when I was a baby.

I have memories of Dad dancing with me as a little girl – Bob Marley, mostly. (I remember – falsely or not – Mom always playing UB40.) It’s the reason our father of the bride dance was to “Three Little Birds.” (I always thought of Alex, myself, and Noah as the three little birds in the song. Funny.)

I think I’m tried. When my parents had me and Alex (the two oldest, 16-months apart) they both worked, day and night, to make it work hence getting way less reprieve then me, even on a hard day.  Dad recounts often the nights he’d get home and Mom would have to leave for work. He’d fall asleep in front of our closed bedroom door so Alex and I couldn’t get out but could play safely (and climb all over him) while he tried to get some rest.

Mom, Isaiah, Jorgi, Molly, and Sam picked us up from the airport. Mom always makes a big deal about it and brings the kids in to find us within the baggage claim crowd. We like it :) This also creates extra opportunities to glide on the moving walkways. It’s like Disney for Eve, but free for me.

My parents prepared a sweet guest room for us (one that is typically occupied by my younger brother who recently flew the coop). Mom brought up lots of toys for Eve and even put hand-me-down (the best!) from the Aunt and Uncles in the drawers and closet for Ronan and Eve. She thinks of all those little touches.

^Here is our 2.5 Kinder loop running crew. The kids all kicked my bum, but it was a good time regardless. 

In other news, I keep accidentally calling Ronan by Isaiah. Nonnie stopped by <3 And Aunt Alex, who lives in RVA, arrived in Cooleytown.

We’re here for two weeks while Brad trains in Boston! Any Boston tips are very welcome :) :)

one awesome *Harrington* year

In a few days, our Harrington family unit will split as our big sis and bro + minions move to California. We are so excited for them as they take this huge leap into their next adventure!

As this life chapter ends I know we truly appreciated this year and enjoyed the company of sweet, sweet family to the fullest.

A little over a year ago I blogged about my vision for life with family at Notre Dame. We did all this (minus the no fireplace situation) and so much more.

[– Cousin sleepovers… double dates… lots of beer + lots of grilling… s’mores… tailgating… cousins meeting Ronan in the hospital… post-mass donut dates at Martin’s… brunch at ECB… brother morning basketball… picnics on the Irish Green… Father’s Day weekend up in Pentwater, MI… day trip to St. Joseph, MI… watching Chris box… Easter egg hunt on God quad… weekly babysitting swap… mani/pedi date… girls’ nights… letting the kids stay up way too late and run around like crazy but not caring because the adults are just hanging. —

For Evey, her cousins are her sun, moon, and stars. “Ryan, Conor, Elise, hang out?” is something I’m asked 10x daily.

For me, I had the best year with my sister-in-law turned best friend, a woman I look up to in her joy, love, grace, creativity, and ability to transform any short story into an intensively detailed long one. (I can’t write more on this friendship or I’ll start crying…  I don’t want liquid on my keyboard.)

If I had to choose one big take-away from this year together it’s that living near family is WHERE IT’S AT and we don’t plan on ever going without that again. Sooo, since Katrina and Chris are packing up I guess we’ll have to get a move on too :)

Guess where we’re off to next?


eveymoon | party of “two”

I’ve come to think of this March trip as my “eveymoon”. We’re living out our last weeks of this special mother/first-child stage in our family. The days spill over with moments that are totally priceless to me.
The “two” of us celebrated Monday with donuts that we enjoyed on the beach. Eve girl bossed me again and again to fill her pail once more. (She’s going through a language boom – excelling in the directive department.) 50% of the water sloshed to the sand as she waddled back to our blanket.
Dumping sand on Mom is another beach activity of which the fun never fades. Eve would fill her hands with sand and run ecstatically to me, along the way announcing “back!” “belly!” “feet!” or “hair!” before tossing her sand on said location.
We’ve made it to the ocean quite a bit. We’re blessed to have in-laws who love us enough to host us for a month. We’re just also lucky they live in paradise!
(Lots of time with Uncle Ciaran when the rest of the kids are at school. Top to bottom: post-mass teatime with Ciaran + Oma; sweetly shared nap time; riding almost naked to pick up Uncle Johnny from school; playing in the sand.)
Watching our typically shy girl open up around her aunts and uncles has been pretty neat. Whereas she once clung to me, she now happily dashes around the room hooting and hollering. She particularly loves her Aunt Mary – always eager to do anything/everything with her. (You’re allowed to play favorites when you’re a baby, I guess.)
I’m deciphering her new words everyday. This morning, after I placed the eggs on the table, she began patting her chest with both hands, repeating “ah-en.” It took me several guesses as to what she was telling me. Then I realized she wanted to pray! She was showing me the Sign of the Cross, reminding me to say grace. She smiled in delight as I pieced it together. I couldn’t stop smiling either. Witnessing her figuring out the world – sharing, serving, loving, praising – the good stuff, must be one of the most awesome parts of motherhood so far.
The last and other best part of this eveymoon that I’ll share here are naps and nighttime. At home, Evey girl sleeps in her own bed and room. Here, we’re back to co-sleeping. We leave the windows open for a cool breeze and then cuddle tight until morning. We both miss Dad Brad like crazy, but the all-night cuddles are bliss.
Bradley’s three-week work trip in Palm Springs ends on Sunday. Because it’s just a two-hour drive we’ve visited him three times. (Once it was just me. I picked him up from work at 1:30am. Then he was back at work 6 hours later! Nutty.) We look forward to picking him up Sunday and then spending nine days together here.
When we get home it will be less than four weeks before we meet our boy. While we can’t wait to meet him I also wish I could put these next weeks in slow-mode and soak them up. (I can’t; I know. This probably explains my unusually high amount of journaling done recently.) This trip came at a time when I was losing my mama mind. (Hence no blog posts in February.) It’s been a huge reminder of how blessed I am to be a mom x2, a wife x1 ;) and have totally awesome, generous (and large!!) extended family on both sides.