about us

We’ll make this quick… -ish.

I’m Geena. Then we’ve got Brad, Evey and Ronan rounding off our Harrington family.

Let’s kick things off with Dad Brad.

  • Third eldest of twelve children
  • Grew up mostly in California and England
  • Salesman turned manager
  • Played rugby at Cal Berkeley and went to wild festivals in his glory days (although, he’d say diapers and bedtime stories hold the true glory)
  • Always making me laugh
  • My ongoing grievances with him include:
    • hobby of chucking dirty diapers at me
    • habit of “affectionately” squeezing tightly above my knee, making me squirm in pain
    • working long hours and weeks
  • I’m proud to call him my awesomely laid-back, fiercely loyal, easy-laughing Irish husband, but I mostly just call him Dad Brad

  • Also from a large family (the second of ten)
  • But lived in the same town my entire life (until a 45-minute away move for college)
  • Teacher turned stay-at-home-mama of two
  • Passion for education translates well to motherhood (The Institutes, my moms, and Montessori are my *aspiring* curriculum.)
  • Known to promise cookies but instead consume entire bags of semi-sweet chocolate chip morsels
  • Bradley’s ongoing grievances with me include:
    • never properly screwing the lid on anything, ever
    • mishandling my keys, debit card, and other items of importance
    • letting great beers go warm by drinking so slowly
  • Middle school AIM name: hitthebeach21 (scary times…)

Our story begins in Chicago, where we spent one whirlwind weekend getting to know each other following our happenstance bar meeting. After the weekend, we flew back to our respective and opposite coasts. Without hesitation we then drove head first into a long-distance relationship.

For one year we threw our money into airline tickets, skipped as many classes as we could without failing, and made it work.

The next May, I graduated and moved out to San Francisco to teach in the city and be near my hunky boyfriend as he finished his last year studying and playing rugby.

One rad year later, Bradley graduated, we got married, and we moved to Arizona.

Dying from my corniness? Stick around.

So then,


Until nine months later when we welcomed Evelyn Michelle onto the scene.


Our AZ babe.

  • Preferred sleeping position: cheek-to-cheek with Mom and feet-to-face with dad
  • Favorite foods: oatmeal, eggs, and apples
  • Avid fan of puzzles, nursery rhymes, Little People and screaming “MOM! GO.” during Mass
  • Laughs crazily after tooting or burping (…encouraged by her father to do such)
  • Likes to fit into small boxes, cupboards, and misc. small spaces
  • My BFF (…hopefully forever, but at least until the tween years)

We recently forgot how much we love the warm West and moved to the Midwest. If you’re looking for us, we’re probably freezing and complaining about it somewhere in Indiana.

JK. We moved to TEXAS. We move too much for me to keep this page update.

Ronan made his arrival in April! Bio coming soon… (really he just likes nursing, playing, and sleeping though…)


I’m a sentimental hoarder and this blog is my memory stockpile. Welcome into a little glimpse of the adventures and joys from “our favorite days”! I’m glad you’re here. :)


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