Our Marathon Babe Story!

[Not realizing yet what Bradley is doing…]

[…oh, yes! Baby!!]

I’m so excited to finally share our marathon babe story!

Three days before the marathon we found out we’re expecting! I’d been feeling off for a week or so – at nights I’d feel so overheated that I couldn’t sleep without our little fan pointed 6-in from my face. (Ha! It’s funny now.) Emotionally, I felt a bit off and I’d even say “crazy.” (Also, funny now. I seriously Google’d “13 months postpartum, feeling crazy.” Thank you BabyCenter for answering all my 3am Google inquiries)  So, on May 31st (which I realized later was the Feast of the Visitation), I rolled out of bed and took a test.

We used NFP since Ronan and May was our first month “trying.” Even still, I was so shocked, excited, and overjoyed when I saw the positive result! I really admire all the cute pregnancy reveals women do for their partners and I’ve dreamed up many a times how I’d do it for Bradley. If you know us though, you know we aren’t ones to hold in news that makes us so freaking happy. I told him almost right away at our kitchen table (so I made it an impressive 10-minutes without telling him), over breakfast with Evey and Ronan.

I said something like, “I love our two year spacing. And I love how our birthday are four months in a row.” Bradley is 2/9; I’m 3/22; Ronan is 4/21; Eve is 5/28. I continued, “I think that’s all going to be messed up now with our next baby.” He didn’t say anything. Babies are a hot topic over here, so it wasn’t unusual for me to bring it up. I added, “Now, we will have two February birthdays!” Brad lit up, “Are you pregnant?!?!”

:) As it turns out our third child is due on the day we were engaged, February 2. Eve was born two days early and Ronan was six days early. So, we could easily have a January baby! Then we’d be back to our one birthday a month pattern starting in January now :) It’s the little things when it comes to family planning ;) (This is a joke; I really don’t care that much; I just think it’s fun.)

Then came the whole marathon question. Was it safe for me to run pregnant? During training, I unknowingly ran 13.1 and 20-miles pregnant and without water. Plus, I ran in the 100F Texas heat with the kids in the double stroller! A cool San Diego 26.2 miles with water and medical stations would be easier then wrangling two kids around Costco. Right?

I called my OBGYN to see what he thought and he agreed – it was safe, I’d done the train, my body was ready, and I was good to go! His only concern was dehydration – so, I planned to prioritize walking at every water station to drink as much as I could.

On race morning, we woke up at 4am. Luckily my shoes, which had been lost with my luggage by our airline, arrived at 1am that morning! As I ate breakfast and got dressed Ronan wouldn’t go back down to sleep. Despite my many attempts to rock and nurse him, he was UP! So, at 5am we woke up our sister Meaghan to come lay with Evey and I buckled Ronan into the car to nurse him on the drive downtown. Our awesome sister Annie dropped us off a few blocks from the starting line and took care of our little ones for the next 5 hours. (THANK YOU, AWESOME FAMILY!!)

[Little Bro Noah! So excited walking to the start!]

We started the race with our family group. There was so much adrenaline and excitement! I was a little nervous. I still wondered, “could I really do this?” Soon enough, we all went our different planned paces but Katrina and I ran together the whole way. At one point I started “seeing stars”, so moving forward at each water station I’d grab a water in each hand and she grab and extra for me. This helped, and I stayed hydrated the whole way.

In the end, we achieved our goal of running the entire race without walking! (I don’t count walking for 20/15-secs to drink water as walking.) On the hills and the last 10 miles we passed walkers the whole time. In parts, we were the only ones still running for as far as we could see (especially on the hills). It felt good and was a huge personal accomplishment to push through without slowing down.

My sister Katrina was such an encouragement, helping us to stay positive the entire 26.2 miles. We never hit the dreaded wall! I know I couldn’t of done it without her.

Our families met us afterwards at a San Diego brewery. Ronan nursed while I chugged water and fought off some serious nausea. (I couldn’t manage food yet.) My in-laws have a huge big family van that lets you feel EVERY BUMP. I get carsick on a normal day, and I was in the back row of said van. So, .5 miles from home  my brother Noah held a bag to me (thank you Target for making such thick plastic shopping bags!) and rubbed my back while I vomited the complete contents of my stomach.  (TMI?) Noah, you’re a good, good brother.

[Post-race selfie and HOLY TAN LINES. We forgot to apply SPF because it was 4am and the wasn’t up yet. Duh, dur, duh, dumb.]

That day we rested up and I limped around. I napped, we swam, and that night we celebrated with a feast at our favorite Mexican spot, all passing out as soon as we got home.

[Off to dinner celebration in my #1 fave puke spot but feeling better now with Noah, Eve, and Adley.]

The following day I wasn’t sore?! This made me feel really good about the baby and not pushing it too hard while still achieving our goal.

During the race, Katrina and I kept saying “one and done!” It sounds negative, but it truly was so encouraging to know I’d never have to do this again and it’d be over soon enough. Today though, I look back on how exciting it was. I’m not crossing it out forever as a possibility. I wonder if maybe one day, after my baby years (…or decades, LOLZ), when I have time to really commit to training, I’d do it again.

It was special to run with our little marathon babe! What a sweet little running companion. At 11-weeks, we heard his or her heartbeat for the first time and saw him or her moving all around. Eve tells us all the time she’s having a baby sister and wonders if my belly is going to get “as high as the sky!?” On the other hand, I’m convinced we’re having a boy and haven’t thought much of girl names at all. We will find out in six months because we aren’t finding out the gender this time! (For Eve and Ronan we found out.)

Boy or girl, we can’t wait to welcome him or her into our family. Thank you for sharing in our excitement for this little life. <3 :)

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  1. So exciting!! Major major kudos to you. It totally is a Serena Williams accomplishment! What an amazing memory to have!

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