I’ve always been stubborn. It started when I was just a little girl.

One of my earliest memories is when the photo above was taken. I was in pre-school at our local Christian church. When it was my turn I remember walking with the teacher’s aide to the photographer. She reallyyy wanted me to smile. (I can’t remember why I was grumpy. Maybe it was those stupid pearls.) They were being really funny… and silly! As they messed around, I could feel the corners of my lips curling up – the smile! Of course, I couldn’t give in. So, what did I do? I bit the insides of cheek and tried my earnest to give ’em the face you see here.

I won.

This video is from yesterday. I was trying to get Eve to smile when I had a total flashback and grabbed the camera. What do you think? Like mother like daughter?

Looking back, I think I’m justified in my stubborness. Why go back on something when you know you’re right? ;) Joking!!!!

6 thoughts on “Stubborn

  1. I believe you have an incredible power of “determination”.

    I always called it the “Geena Beam” and when it’s aimed at something it doesn’t yield.

    I also use to remind you “It’s a gift from God, just don’t aim it at me!”

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