Evey Toddler Quirks

I especially love the ages of both my babies right now – particularly these 2.5 y/o Evey quirks.
One of us often walks into the room smirking or laughing.
“What?” The other will ask.
“I’m just thinking about today when Eve…” We’ll share some hilarious anecdote(s) from the day.
My mouth is going to hurt from smiling by the end of this post, but here are a handful:
Most kids have blankets or stuffed animals as their specials. Evey has her chapstick. She calls it her “mouth stick.” It’s her security thing. She also has a fond regard for hand sanitizer – though no affection comes close to parallel that of her mouth stick.
She’s always going to work to “make money (or ‘monies’).” She works at Costco. Her car is blue.
Sometimes I find her with her hands folded and kneeling in prayer.
She’s always angling for my glasses. She’ll tilt her head, use the sweetest voice, and say, “share, take turn, and I’ll give it back?” Her tone is always sweet, and questioning, while also assertive. She’s really saying “give them up! Now!”
She loves to dance, but only if you’re holding her.
When she puts her “Little People” and dolls to sleep they always lay face down.
Brad passed his good-natured teasing right on down to his first born. She giggles and darts as soon as I ask her to sit down so I can put on her shoes. She tries to head-butt and tap you. It’s always too hard and she always laughs. 
I sometimes yell to Brad when he’s leaving for work, “bring home the bacon!” So, now she’ll yell, “bring home eggs!”
It’s always 8 o’clock.
She’s proud of her bodily functions, and owns them openly (often with a big smile or giggle).
When Ronan’s asleep she’ll climb into bed and push her face against his face, giving him kisses, until he lifts his head. Then she’ll excitedly announce, “Ronan awake! Ronan awake now!”
She’ll tell you she’s “two old.” It sounds like “too old” and she means “two years old.”

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