one awesome *Harrington* year

In a few days, our Harrington family unit will split as our big sis and bro + minions move to California. We are so excited for them as they take this huge leap into their next adventure!

As this life chapter ends I know we truly appreciated this year and enjoyed the company of sweet, sweet family to the fullest.

A little over a year ago I blogged about my vision for life with family at Notre Dame. We did all this (minus the no fireplace situation) and so much more.

[– Cousin sleepovers… double dates… lots of beer + lots of grilling… s’mores… tailgating… cousins meeting Ronan in the hospital… post-mass donut dates at Martin’s… brunch at ECB… brother morning basketball… picnics on the Irish Green… Father’s Day weekend up in Pentwater, MI… day trip to St. Joseph, MI… watching Chris box… Easter egg hunt on God quad… weekly babysitting swap… mani/pedi date… girls’ nights… letting the kids stay up way too late and run around like crazy but not caring because the adults are just hanging. —

For Evey, her cousins are her sun, moon, and stars. “Ryan, Conor, Elise, hang out?” is something I’m asked 10x daily.

For me, I had the best year with my sister-in-law turned best friend, a woman I look up to in her joy, love, grace, creativity, and ability to transform any short story into an intensively detailed long one. (I can’t write more on this friendship or I’ll start crying…  I don’t want liquid on my keyboard.)

If I had to choose one big take-away from this year together it’s that living near family is WHERE IT’S AT and we don’t plan on ever going without that again. Sooo, since Katrina and Chris are packing up I guess we’ll have to get a move on too :)

Guess where we’re off to next?


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  1. Hi Gina! I think you will be packing up and heading to CA. Wherever you go I hope there is family nearby. 💕

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