next stop: Notre Dame

We found out very recently that Bradley’s career is taking us to South Bend in just a few weeks.

I envision:
…hosting family dinner nights
…walking to campus to bring Brad lunch
…having a home full of Cooley and Harrington visitors
…watching Evey running around the quad with her cousins
…visiting my favorite people in Chicago
…walking to the Basilica for mass
…getting snowed-in, with the fire crackling and hot cocoa in our mugs
…making new friends and strengthening old friendships
…leaving the kids with the boys and going for mani/pedi dates with my big sis-in-law
…running around the lakes and campus
…teaching Evey more about our faith
…doing the Stations of the Cross together in the woods
…growing as a family

[This is our super classy moving announcement!!]

We don’t know where we will live, how we (and all our stuff) will get there, or anything really. But as Brad, the movie quoting king, would say, “there’s a big difference between winging it and seeing what happens.” We’re seeing what happens.

Living near family will be a huge blessing. (Evey will have cousins to play with!) Plus, we will be only a half-day drive from Maryland, which is pretty amazing. Plus-plus, if you know us, you know how much we love Chicago! Plus-plus-plus, this is a dream come true for Bradley, who loves Notre Dame almost as much as he loves me. At least, I think he loves me more. :)

This month has turned out to be pretty exciting. We have a couple weeks to pack, we’re about to celebrate Evey’s first birthday, and we have an upcoming trip to San Diego for my sweet sister-in-law’s wedding.

[Photo by my sweet friend Natalie.]

We knew we wouldn’t be here forever, but I still didn’t know it would be so hard to leave. The community here is absolute gold, and you can’t beat the Phoenix winter. We have so many memories here from our first years of marriage and Evey’s first year of life. It’s going to be a sad goodbye.

Onward to the next venture!

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  1. How exciting! Can’t wait to see all the Harrington Hilarity you will all get up to!!! 😂🎉

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