Evelyn’s First Year, a video

On Saturday I was checking out at the Nordstrom Rack- Evey was up on the counter as I rummaged through my purse, searching for my wallet. Evey and the cashier were exchanging silly faces when she asked how old she was. It was the first time I said, “one!” Not four-months, nine-months, or eleven-months… She’s one! Just one! I’m not used to saying or hearing that.

She turns one this week!

I pulled together our favorite clips from Evey’s first year.¬†Many of the recordings I didn’t even realize we’d taken. The moments seemed so ordinary at the time- so silly, unworthy even, of recording. In a few clips you can even hear a background voice ask, “why are you recording that?” And I’d reply, “one day we will love this.” Well, they are so special now… even just those two seconds… because in twelve short months much has changed.

It was the fastest year. It was the best year. It was the best… yet!

At first I had this song as the background. Then we decided a joyful and upbeat song was more our giggling, wild Evey’s style, anyways.

Press play… :)

6 thoughts on “Evelyn’s First Year, a video

  1. Gina, that was so much fun to watch! So much growth and Love in one short year. Good luck on your next move to Notre Dame. So many more adventures to come. Enjoy the Ride! Trish Repetski

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