First days with Evey

Brad and I agree- our first days with Evey are the best days of our life.

Labor, let’s not talk about that for now. The birth story will come soon! But I will just say- I had no idea it would be so intense and at the same time I’d do it again and again for this sweet moment…

Ok, so! Our first days with our Evelyn Michelle.

We are in awe of our little girl. Before meeting her for the first time we had no idea it was possible to love so much and so completely so quickly. Don’t get me wrong, we already loved her, before we knew her. This though, this is different. It amazes us.

Days are spent cuddling, nursing, napping and waiting for those moments when she opens her eyes so wide or makes a new, adorable face or sound. Every small thing she does is, for us, the greatest, biggest thing. (Goodness, I’m such a mom!)

Oh, bonding! I didn’t anticipate loving it this much but I’m crazzzy for skin-to-skin time. At night we bed-share. Scandal! I didn’t plan on it but placing this sweet, perfect girl in that bedside bassinet is the most impossible thing. We follow the safe rules the hospital gave us. I can’t get enough.

Six day young Evey has no routine yet. Monday night she was wide-eyed up ALLLL night with me nursing and cuddling. (She maybe slept 45-minutes.) Then last night I had to actually wake sweet girl up to nurse because she only woke up on her own once!

My mom, Nonna we call her, is here this week. Having Nonna is wonderful for several reasons. One, this is special time with my mom that, even if it’s just sitting on the couch chatting, I cherish. Two, Nonna is having time with her first grandchild! Three, I haven’t lifted a finger in the kitchen. Four, I haven’t cleaned a thing. She’s taking care of business while I recover and take care of Evelyn.

Nothing anyone could’ve said would’ve prepared us for this overwhelming love and joy Brad and I’ve experienced these first days. We are so thankful for all the prayers and well wishes. Thank you, guys! I’ll be back soon but until then these precious moments are recorded in my journal because I don’t want to forget.

15 thoughts on “First days with Evey

  1. You expressed so well, the amazing thoughts of a first time mother. My thoughts exactly! I couldn’t believe the love that was born as my first child was. How could I love someone so much? It’s an amazing experience and you are an amazing mom! God bless all of you xoxo

  2. Those first days ARE the sweetest! But even the days + weeks beyond are so full of beautiful moments and so much wonder! This is cliche, but they do grow so fast…I can’t believe how big Ayla is getting already!
    Enjoy these sweet days with your mom there to help and give you extra time for snuggling your sweet girl, and enjoy the days beyond that when your little family discovers it’s new normal as a family of three – it’s the best!
    Also, I can’t wait to read your birth story. :D

  3. Congratulations, Harrington family!

    Geena – I stumbled upon your blog and absolutely love your writing. I have so much appreciated you sharing your experience of marriage & motherhood and if you lived closer I would totally want to grab coffee with you and swap stories! Sweet little Evelyn has certainly intensified the baby bug in my heart – thank you for sharing her with us :)

  4. Congrats. She is beautiful and enjoy every moment with your precious gift. She is a special blessing and gift from God. Cherish her always in good times and bad. Time flies

  5. Congrats on the new babe!! Evelyn is so adorable…I can’t imagine how the both of you must be feeling, must be awesome. This is probably silly, but how do you pronounce her nickname Evey? Perfect name!

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