a little of lately in photos

We love her coos, her squeaks, and her sweet little whimpers she makes as she dreams.

At 12AM she stirs. Then again at 1:30, 2, and 4. Even in my sleep I sense her, as if I’m hyper in tune with her movements and needs. Mama knows.

We are in and out of nursing, napping and cuddling all day and night. I shower and clean, secondary things, when I can. She sleeps on my chest- tummy to tummy, skin to skin. We love these days with our sweetest and littlest new love.

This is our life lately.

Here are a few moments of it captured in photos… which essentially are a bunch of photos of people holding our baby… plus a donut. ;)

[Aunt Kaitlin and cousin Conor. Conor will have his own little baby brother or sister in two months time.]

[Cousins. Two bumps and a baby. They are going to have fun growing up together.] 

[Sleeping through the fun stuff, aka that one time we went out in Phoenix.]

[A photo that isn’t of a baby. And you know your donut at the super hipster donut shoppe is super tastey when your husband remarks, “wow! you’re not going to take a photo” as you scarf it down. Thanks for the reminder! Donut captured.]

[You’ve captivated our hearts Evelyn Michelle.]

I only had to stop seven times when writing this post. And now, Evelyn calls. Happy day, guys :)

6 thoughts on “a little of lately in photos

  1. I LOVE that photo of Kaitlin and Conor and Evey! Love, love, love.

    Also, you can barely tell that he has guacamole all over his hair!

    But, really I love all of these. Miss you, Evey! (And Geena and Brad ;) )

  2. Congrats! Your babe is precious. Enjoy these days… my babe is 4 months old and I already miss when he’d fall asleep on my chest! We tried it yesterday but only lasted 15 minutes. :(

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