Weekend Wanderers | Fossil Creek, AZ

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“After this, your adventure privileges are revoked for a long time,” he told me, so seriously, with no bit of kidding or spousal teasing.

I can’t believe he went there. My adventure card? Doesn’t he know that “going on adventures with my husband” is my favorite thing to do? It’s a fact; I wrote it down.

It was a bit warranted though. We’d been on the same damn rocky road for one-hour and gone just 16-miles. This was no ordinary “dirt rock” or “off the beaten path” either. We actually thought the car might collapse into a million tiny different pieces with each thud, thump, and hiccup we encountered. Plus, there was no end in sight. The road just seemed to continue. Round every bend it casually outstretched .25 miles to the next turn. (Plus-plus, we were the only people, shy of one car who passed us. We scoffed at their truck tires + heavy-duty build. Psh.)

We did finally arrive. Our exodus from the car became a kiss the ground, hallelujah, “there is a God” kind-of experience. Seriously.

The hike to Fossil Creek was worth the drive. It was a good 20-degrees cooler than our two-hours South home in Tempe, AZ. With each step we drew closer to the water. We could hear it!

We stopped along an opening on our hike. The water was crystal clear straight to the bottom. It was so gorgeous. So, we zipped up our backpacks to keep out the snakes, shook off our runners, shorts + shirts and jumped right in. Brrr. It was freezing. After my body got over the shock of the cold, it felt so refreshing. The water was moving with force down the creek. It was brilliant… beautiful… breathtaking.

After a bit, we took off further up creek where the real waterfall was. Here, Bradley jumped like a madman from the tip-top rocks. (He also slid down the actual waterfall!) And I just enjoyed lounging on the tree stump, watching. (Seriously! I don’t know what it is but I can vicariously enjoy stuff like this through watching. I love adventures, and part of them involves becoming a spectator on the journey… just taking it in and capturing it forever. I’m a writer, so what more can I justify.)

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Eating PB+Js there on the rocks took us both back. It took us back to when we first met. [Spoiler Alert: if you’re reading the How We Met.] After knowing me a mere 3 days, Brad flew cross-country to meet my family. We took a trip with my little sister Ellie and two friends, Anna and Emily, to Kilgore Falls in Maryland. At the top of the waterfall we ate PB+Js (<<took some digging for that one). Full circle. (Cue me leaving fully inspired to finish writing the final chapter to our How We Met Parts i + ii.)

We survived the treacherous drive back, arriving home by 4:00 PM. We decided that was quite enough adventure for us two wanderers for one weekend. Besides church and our weekly donut stop (after Sunday Mass) we spent the rest of the weekend between the kitchen and couch.

After the drive was through (and it all paid off with the hike, spectacular waters, and cliff jumping) I’m pretty certain Bradley retracted his statement and reinstated my adventure card.

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More adventures to come… And soon!

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