Nonna + Poppop’s

Heeeeey from MD.

The other night I went to “yogalaties” with Alex. When we got home Poppop was dancing Ronan to sleep to the flow of reggae. He said it was the only way he could get me to sleep when I was a baby.

I have memories of Dad dancing with me as a little girl – Bob Marley, mostly. (I remember – falsely or not – Mom always playing UB40.) It’s the reason our father of the bride dance was to “Three Little Birds.” (I always thought of Alex, myself, and Noah as the three little birds in the song. Funny.)

I think I’m tried. When my parents had me and Alex (the two oldest, 16-months apart) they both worked, day and night, to make it work hence getting way less reprieve then me, even on a hard day.  Dad recounts often the nights he’d get home and Mom would have to leave for work. He’d fall asleep in front of our closed bedroom door so Alex and I couldn’t get out but could play safely (and climb all over him) while he tried to get some rest.

Mom, Isaiah, Jorgi, Molly, and Sam picked us up from the airport. Mom always makes a big deal about it and brings the kids in to find us within the baggage claim crowd. We like it :) This also creates extra opportunities to glide on the moving walkways. It’s like Disney for Eve, but free for me.

My parents prepared a sweet guest room for us (one that is typically occupied by my younger brother who recently flew the coop). Mom brought up lots of toys for Eve and even put hand-me-down (the best!) from the Aunt and Uncles in the drawers and closet for Ronan and Eve. She thinks of all those little touches.

^Here is our 2.5 Kinder loop running crew. The kids all kicked my bum, but it was a good time regardless. 

In other news, I keep accidentally calling Ronan by Isaiah. Nonnie stopped by <3 And Aunt Alex, who lives in RVA, arrived in Cooleytown.

We’re here for two weeks while Brad trains in Boston! Any Boston tips are very welcome :) :)

Ronan, Ronan, Ronan….

Ronan, we love you.

The other night I cuddled Ronan an extra thirty minutes before putting him down. He was in just a diaper and sleeping in my arms. I snapped a mental picture of those adorable lips, chubby cheeks, tummy, and rolls (+ rolls + rolls, down to the toes), and just hugged on his sweet little bod. It takes self control not to squeeeeeeze this lil chunk – he’s so delicious!

Moments like this make me wish he’d stay a baby forever. Just never grow up – grow up and not really need me anymore; grow up and move away. </3 Nooooo. It has me reminding Brad to call Mama H more. (We love you, Oma!)

This dude even beats Evey, our peaceful giggly one, in the laid-back baby department.

And, ooh baby, those eyes. Killin’ me, every time.

They are almost purely blue with little sparks of green near his pupils. Knowing that at 6.5 months they can still change, I tried, to no avail, to feign indifference. I LOVE THEM! Maybe they will stay blue (like Papa Cooley) or fade green (like Dad Brad). Maybe they’ll even darken to hazel (like Mom).

In the car he squeals and giggles 90% of the time. It makes us all crack up. Evey will counter back, “Bubbs! What you talking ’bout Bubbs!?” That just makes him (and us) laugh even harder.

He’s was sitting at 4 months but two weeks ago he realized he could sit back and balance himself (without leaning forward with his fists on the ground). This self-discovery resulted in a week of Ronan laughing out loud while wobbling in circles without falling down. His squeals could be heard from the other side of the apartment.

He’s loving avocado, which was his first food (like his big sis), carrot, broccoli, apple, and banana. He’s not loving store bought baby food and prefers just gnawing on whatever he can get his hands on.

At six months he’s sill in bed with Mom + Dad, despite my pitiful (practically non-exsistant) efforts to get him into his own bed. (I’m normally too tired and fall asleep before getting him in there…)

Current names are: Ronan, Bubba, Bubbs, Chunky, and Fat Boy. (Yes, Fat Boy via Bradley…)

Evey and I have a song we’ve sung since his first week home. It’s not too complicated. It goes: “Ronan, Ronan, Ronan, Ronan we love you! Ronan, Ronan, Ronan we love youuuu!” (Repeat x3).

Sorry you have to wear so much pink and have zero personal space. That’s how it goes, little bro.

we’ve been busy…

… swimming, dancing, exploring, and napping.

Is it just me or is motherhood a constant state of wishing you were cuddled up napping with your babies?

I’ve been meaning to write for WEEKS. It’s just been sorta hanging over my head like, you need to write, you need to write, you need to write. I just kept telling myself, “tomorrow.” It’ll come to no surprise that, instead, I’ve been sleeping.

The day after I posted our 24 in SA saga we moved into a little slice of paradise. Before leaving South Bend, I prayed about our move – it’d be hard to leave such a beautiful community of families. I felt God on my heart. “This next place will be ever harder to leave,” I felt. I took this to mean we’d really, really love San Antonio.  took this as something to look forward to. And we really do love it!

^ Love our living room and still happy we sold the coffee table and TV stand/dresser. We’re getting good, good use out the open space for everyday play and dance.

^ A few of our favorite things.

^Gallery in Eve and Ronan’s room. Both kids have baptismal candles, holy water (Ronan’s is from his baptismal font [an amazingly thoughtful gift from friends that made me ugly cry] and Eve’s is from her godmother’s trip to Lourdes), and some Rose Harrington art, of course. Eve has a special angel given to her by our neighbor, Nisi, and photos with our old neighbor doggies, Murph and Jutta, who we miss so much!

While the whole moving situation was stressful, I like to think we are learning from these experiences and getting a little wiser when it comes to moving, housing, and all thee life decisions. Plus, there was definitely some divine intervention at work because we’d otherwise not of found these apartments that we’re in now and love.

We moved in under a promotion month so we actually have October rent for free! It’s also more affordable then our original apartments, and here we have an awesome pool, playground, and we’re walking distance to family (we’re only separated by a fence), food/coffee, and (it’s kinda a hike, but) church. I’m also giddy everyday because the master bathtub has jets and it’s so relaxing (and Brad is reeeeeally tired of hearing me talk about how happy this makes me and how I feel like we live at a resort; he’s probably also rolling his eyes and smiling while reading this because it’s very true).

^ Pumpkin patch trip with cousins!

^ Living that TX fall life.

A couple weeks ago we made it up to visit Brad’s grandparents in Bend, TX. It was my first time! We had so much fun with Brad’s awesome family. (I’m also pretty proud because I hit a watermelon on my first shot. It wasn’t too far a shot, but still.) Eve loved Opa’s funny jokes and spending time with Grandma Pat. We stopped by the local vineyard for a wine tasting and brought a bottle home with us. I wish we’d brought home bottles because it was the best merlot I’ve had.

^ Eve + Opa (Brad’s mama’s papa.)

Ronan celebrated his half birthday on the 21st. 6-months is an awesome milestone! Instead of writing here – because there’s too much – that giggly, adorable chunk will get his own post later this week.

Thank you for all the prayers! We’re happy here :)